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These homemade patties are from an authentic recipe that brings the taste of home to Canada. Learn More
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This Canadian owned cannabis company called Kaáñamo, sells hemp seed, hemp and CBD oil and other product to a South American market. It was important to Kaáñamo look professional in the younger market, but to show the receptacle and rooted nature in which nature provides. Learn More
Welcome In
Many people around the Edmonton area don't know about the amenities, people and businesses that are in Wetaskiwin. The campaign was centered around young families that may not have thought about Wetaskiwin as an option. The "Welcome In" campaign was used to target the 25-45 year old families using specific billboard locations in and around the Edmonton region, as well as social media ads to provide the city some much needed boost on Instagram/Facebook and other social platforms that these age groups would go. Learn More

We’re small, humble and mostly hungry for a challenge.

Arkane Creative, is a graphic design studio located in Edmonton, Alberta. We are listeners & storytellers who combine ideas into thoughtful design for various types of businesses. We’re small, humble and mostly hungry for a challenge. We won’t pitch you. No fluff, sales presentations or gimmicks. Arkane Creative takes pride in providing work that is meaningful & drafting solutions that can help your business or not-for-profit standout & grow.

Selected Projects


Branding Strategy, Packaging, Print Design


Branding Strategy, Print Design


Branding Strategy, Environmental Space Design, Print Design, Website

Brand Marks

Branding Strategy

Print Work

Branding Strategy, Environmental Space Design, Packaging, Print Design


Branding Strategy, Packaging

Swish Dental

Branding Strategy, Environmental Space Design, Print Design


Branding Strategy, Packaging

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