Creating brands that are strategically thoughtful, relevant, and a bit unexpected.

Where it all began.

Founded in 2019, Arkane Creative is a crafty collaborative team spearheaded by Patrick O’Kane, who is proudly born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta.

With over 15+ years of experience in graphic design, branding development and website design; he has worked with people across a wide range of sectors including established brands, non-profits, government, universities, startups, sports teams and entrepreneurs. 

[ar-cane cree-ey-tiv]

Term: understood by very few; mysterious; secret; + founders last name being O’Kane

Clients, past & present



What we’re known for.

You can look at our list of projects to see our services and capability. But, in the event that you would like to see a list of all the services, please look below.


So, why work with us?

We’re small, mostly humble, and hungry for a challenge.  We won’t pitch you. No fluff, sales presentations or gimmicks. We pride ourselves in doing work that is meaningful and crafting solutions that help your business or nonprofit standout and grow. 

We see projects as partnerships. We know a whole heck of a lot about branding, while you have oodles of information to share about you and your business. We start with listening to you. Let’s get up close and personal for a bit while we dig for your goals and what you need. The result? All this listening, learning, collaborating lays the foundation for future success.

Your brand deserves a thumbs up from your clients.

Whether you’re a non-profit, emerging brand, family business or corporate giant you’re here because you recognize the impact a branding can have. Arkane Creative listens, adapts and works with you to bring your vision into something visual to communicate what you want. Let us be your huckleberry.

Let’s meet up. Get the details & get to work.

We love meeting (online, now days – blast you Coronavirus), as it helps us understand what makes your company tick. Going through a thorough brief together will give us the tone, where/how to start research an idea of budget, time and launch date.

Let’s build something amazing together.

Think we might be a fit for your business? We’d love to hear about your latest endeavour.

Let’s Do This Thing! Let’s Do This Thing!