Carnelian Technologies

The name carnelian, was inspired by the carnelian stone which is known for its healing and protective qualities. The first company of its kind in Canada to be offering such a robust fleet of solutions in asset tracking seniors for medical staff to know where seniors are for their own safety.


Health Technology


Kelowna, B.C Canada


+ Brand Development
+ Brand Identity System
+ Print Design
+ Promotional Design
+ Banner/Signage Design
+ Environmental Space Design

Collaborative Partners

Essence Creative


The Brand

The mark was inspired by the meaning of carnelian, that is known for its orange colour with protective qualities and healing properties. Arkane Creative was up to the task to combine the stones unique qualities and innovative technology solutions. The shape of the C is similar to the round shape when found and the RFID technology pinned into the clothes of those needing to have a tracking device on them for their and the families safety. The rings around the C makes a closed circle to show togetherness and also communication/GPS “rings” to highlight the technology side.


The Approach

To help provide more awareness for Carnelian Technologies it was essential to create presence with banner designs, flags for events and a potential for office space signage to create a true professional look.


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