City of Wetaskiwin

Many people around the Edmonton area don’t know about the amenities, people and businesses that are in Wetaskiwin. The campaign was centered around young families that may not have thought about Wetaskiwin as an option. The “Welcome In” campaign was used to target the 25-45 year old families using specific billboard locations in and around the Edmonton region, as well as social media ads to provide the city some much needed boost on Instagram/Facebook and other social platforms that these age groups would go.


Municipal Government


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


+ Brand Enhancement
+ Key Messaging

+ Brand Campaign Planning
+ Art Direction
+ Billboard / Promotional Design
+ Social Media Design

The Project

The City of Wetaskiwin is a fantastic destination for young to older families; so we needed to truly show off the businesses and actual home owners in the lovely city. City of Wetaskiwin didn’t have a true Instagram account nor did it ever pursue billboard advertising. With this in mind, Pitch Marketing and Arkane Creative got together to provide messaging and tone for the overall awareness campaign. We provided various messaging that would be considered a bit more safe and others that were more playful. 

Wild West Gallery

Campaign Tagline Pitch





The Approach

“Welcome In Wetaskiwin” was the chosen direction chosen, so we went to task on figuring out the tone, style and most importantly show the fantastic people that own a business and/or own a home to convince others to “welcome in” their lives this hidden gem of a city. We felt it was essential to show them in their own space. With Christy Dean Photography at the helm of captivating these stories through the photos used in concert with the design; it was truly a pleasure seeing it come into form for the billboards around the Edmonton International Airport and the numerous amount of social media ads. 

We continue to work with the City of Wetaskiwin to enhance this “Welcome In” campaign into 2021 with other various print and web awareness.


Increase in Website Visits in First Month.


Social Engagement Rate Within First Month
*Average across all industries 1.91%

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