Family Futures

Family Futures Resource Network was created and incorporated as a Society in January 2004. Since then, it has continued helping children and families in South Edmonton, providing information, education, and support to individuals, parents, and families and operates out of four separate locations and many outreach sites.


Child & Youth Programming


Edmonton, Alberta


+ Brand Re-Development
+ Brochure and Poster Design
+ Website Design

Collaborative Partners

Milan Simnovec


Utilizing What’s Been Built.

Family Futures Resource Network (FFRN) had a logo already created that needed to be consistently used and expanded upon.  The idea was to use real photos and provide an inside look of what programs are available. Arkane Creative first started on the brochure look and feel as this brochure goes out to thousands in and around the area. We created an online brochure as well as a quick download PDF found on the site and sent out. Creating the theme from the brochure we were able to do templates for inside use for posters, playbills and ads. 

ffheader2spread 3

The Website Re-Design

Arkane Creative was asked after figuring out the theme and look from the brochure to apply it to the website. Working with the FFRN team, we created various looks that would be more youthful and professional or more simple and professional. There combo of a more simpler and professional look was the ticket and is all built in Word Press. 


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