Flabria Rational Ltd.

This family run business garnered much attention once they started to test through family & friends the corn puff recipe that is from their Romanian roots. This snack family business sold in Alberta and British Columbia in various small, medium and large sized stores.


The Brand

The mark was inspired by various photos Arkane Creative was able to see from the family and their homeland of Romania. Still proud of manufacturing the corn puffs in Canada and using only local business to make the puffs themselves, there was visuals to show both countries. Romania has large mountains as well as in Canada and the shape of the badge comes from a European style with a strong font treatment that is universal in nature. 



The packaging was essential to creating awareness of flavours and that they were rooted in Canada. The natural illustration with corn and various topical flavours ( cheese, salt and plain ) are found on the packaging. Colour was also important to driving home and providing awareness of flavour and feel to the clientele.  The shape is a little different then other puffs, so we tried to enhance a PET window in the bags that showed the corn puffs.


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