Where Agriculture & Nature Meet

ALUS helps farmers and ranchers build nature-based solutions on their land.

ALUS Canada is a national conservation organization that works with farmers and ranchers to produce ecosystem services such as clean air, clean water, and wildlife habitat on agricultural lands. They provide financial and technical support to farmers to implement sustainable land management practices that improve environmental outcomes.

ALUS Canada operates in six provinces and partners with local communities, NGOs, and government agencies to support the development of sustainable agricultural landscapes. Their approach focuses on creating incentives for farmers and ranchers to voluntarily adopt beneficial practices such as riparian buffers, wetland restoration, and alternative watering systems. By working with agricultural producers, ALUS Canada aims to promote the coexistence of agricultural production and environmental conservation, resulting in a more sustainable future for all.

Client ALUS Canada
Project Scope Illustration, Display Signage, Creative Direction, Social Media Campaign
Year 2017 - 2022
Credits Patrick O'Kane, Arkane Creative

How We Nailed It.


Revamping Established Brand with a Unique Twist

ALUS Canada has recognized the importance of effective communication to showcase their work and mission. With the growing online viewership, the organization has utilized social media platforms and case studies of satisfied clients to spread awareness and encourage participation. Actual photographs of the areas improved through ALUS Canada’s efforts have also been incorporated into the communication strategy to provide a visual representation of the positive impact. Through these initiatives, ALUS Canada aims to highlight their unique approach to sustainable agriculture and conservation while continuing to expand their reach and impact.


Using Imagery / Illustration

To improve their communication efforts, ALUS Canada shifted towards simple and impactful content with supportive imagery and taglines, complemented by fun illustrations that conveyed relevant statistics and messages in a relatable way. By focusing on key messaging and visual elements, they were able to better explain their mission and showcase the impact of their work through case studies and actual photographs of the areas they were helping to conserve. As their online viewership grew, they leveraged social media to reach more people and build a community of clients who could speak to the benefits of working with ALUS Canada. Overall, their strategic use of branding and communication helped position them as a leader in their industry and expand their impact on a national scale. 


Custom Information Poster

We brainstormed the idea of using isometric designs that highlighted unique stats about the organization. The illustrations would depict various scenes from farming to the environment, showcasing the interactivity between both. These designs would also highlight important information such as how people learned about ALUS Canada, common environmental situations that farmers face, and what motivates farmers to participate in the ALUS program. The custom illustrations were specifically designed to engage the public and create a memorable impression of the ALUS brand.

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