Not Your Average Gummy.

Fast-Acting, Discreet, and Great-Tasting Spray and Gummies.

CLICK leverages cutting-edge nano-technology to produce a finely tuned, lightweight mist with an expertly balanced formula. The result is an advanced cannabis spray that combines the quick-acting effects of a vape with the portability and discretion of an edible. The innovative technology behind CLICK allows for precise dosing and consistent effects, making it an ideal choice for cannabis consumers looking for a convenient and effective way to consume their preferred strains. Whether you’re looking for a discreet way to enjoy cannabis on the go or need a fast-acting solution for your symptoms, CLICK is the perfect option for both novice and experienced cannabis enthusiasts.

Client Click Spray
Project Scope Brand Vision, Illustration, Display Signage, Creative Direction, Logo Design,
Year 2021 - 2022
Credits Patrick O'Kane, Arkane Creative

How We Nailed It.


Revamping Established Brand with a Unique Twist

To build upon the existing branding of Click Spray, we aimed to elevate the product line with the addition of gummies. For the Click Spray packaging, we opted for a sleek and minimalist design. The gummies come in three different flavors, and we focused on creating names that were aligned with their taste profile. The design for the gummies was inspired by the color of each flavor, and we used a playful and vibrant approach to reflect the fun and enjoyable experience of consuming the gummies. Overall, we aimed to maintain consistency with the existing branding while also bringing a fresh and modern touch to the new product line.


Custom Illustration With Purpose.

Maintaining consistent brand identity is crucial when introducing a new product line. Therefore, we incorporated similar colours from Click Spray’s established branding, including the same flavours used in the Dream and Go Click Spray products. To create an aesthetically appealing design, we experimented with the colours from the packaging of these products and crafted different cityscapes that represented the sun coming up and going down, with Dream being associated with the evening and Go with the morning. For a new flavour, we developed the name Lightspeed to reflect how quickly the gummy works when consumed. The logo design and unique colours used for Lightspeed are fresh, vibrant, and energetic, contributing to the overall branding of the product line.


Custom Packaging Done & Displayed Right.

When designing new packaging for the gummies, we also considered the best way to showcase them in displays at Click Spray’s vendors. We wanted to ensure that our new product stood out from competitors in the same location, so we researched different approaches to the overall brand. The end result was a clean, professional design that featured bold, eye-catching colors. Despite the small size of the container, we were able to create packaging that was both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

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