From The Origins.

Kaáñamo is a Canadian-owned cannabis company that specializes in selling hand-crafted, select batch hemp seed, hemp and CBD oil, and other related products to the South American market.

They believe in providing safe, clean, and rooted cannabis products while honouring the long tradition of the region. Kaáñamo worked to position their brand as sophisticated and authentic while also telling the story of their unique production process. Their goal is confidently establish themselves in a new market and continue pushing for growth and innovation in the future.

Client Kaáñamo
Project Scope Brand Identity, Brand Vision, Creative Direction, Logo Design, Style Guide
Year 2018
Credits Patrick O'Kane - Arkane Creative

How We Nailed It.


Learn. Listen. Create.

We dug deep into their brand values and came up with a design that represents the receptacle and rooted nature of hemp. The logo features a leaf-shaped icon that symbolizes growth and regeneration, while the typography is clean and modern, giving a professional look and feel.

The color scheme of earthy greens and browns is a nod to the natural origins of their products, and the bold yet playful approach sets them apart from the competition. With the new branding, Kaáñamo is all set to make a strong and memorable impression on the South American market.


Crafting Packaging That Works,Globally.

The logo design for Kaanamo was carefully crafted to convey a sense of simplicity and elegance that could be appreciated by audiences around the globe. The CBD oil bottle was specifically chosen for its user-friendly design and convenient storage capabilities, with the logo prominently displayed on the front and clear ingredient information on the back. The overall goal was to create a clean, streamlined look that would appeal to a wide range of consumers seeking safe and high-quality cannabis products.

root to store.