Proceed With Confidence.

Malatest Edmonton is a team of research solution providers with the education, expertise, and skills to confidently and capably meet the needs of each project.

They develop custom solutions for each of their clients to ensure that they receive results that will inform decision making. As a cross-sectoral firm, they have been fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients on a diversity of topics and project types.

The company combines professional research and consulting services with a large survey capacity. Across their five offices, they employ more than 60 research staff members and more than 200 survey and support staff members. They have grown over the last 35 years to become one of Canada’s largest independently owned and operated research and evaluation firms. In 2011, they created a partnership with Malatest International, which is a New Zealand-based evaluation and advisory firm that provides a variety of services in the Pacific.

Client Malatest Ltd.
Project Scope Brand Vision, Logo Design, Display Signage, Creative Direction, Ad Design, Website Design
Year 2020 - 2022
Credit Chris Miller, Pitch Marketing,
Patrick O'Kane, Arkane Creative

How We Nailed It.


Research & Go.

Malatest came to us with a need to modernize their brand identity and better communicate their full range of services. The previous identity felt dated and failed to effectively showcase Malatest’s capabilities. The website also needed an update to display all of their offerings. Our solution was to create a bold and professional look, using bright and modern colors, that could align with the new tagline “Proceed With Confidence”. This tagline was created as part of the Malatest rebrand to help clients understand how the information collected on their behalf could facilitate confident business decision-making. Our team worked closely with Malatest to create a visual identity that would reflect their expertise and forward-thinking approach. The result is a brand that communicates Malatest’s value proposition and capabilities with clarity and confidence.


Design & Develop

Malatest expressed their affinity for the word “Integrity” and their CEO’s love for the mountains and pushing boundaries. We took this as inspiration to create a new logo that would embody these values while also delivering a modern, professional look. Our design team built a series of logos that incorporated a mountain peak motif, symbolizing Malatest’s dedication to setting new heights and delivering exceptional results. The M in the logo represents Malatest, broken up like the data they collect and interpret, while the letter I for Integrity is highlighted with a bright green colour, emphasizing its importance and pointing upwards. The font we selected is clean, simple, and easy to read, ensuring that the logo is easily recognizable and memorable. The final result is a modern and memorable logo that perfectly captures Malatest’s commitment to integrity and pushing boundaries.


Taking The Brand to New Heights

Our team knew that creating a new logo was just the first step in rebranding Malatest. To fully leverage the new look, we created a range of promotional materials, print collateral, and digital assets, including a new website with UI/UX designs that enhance the user experience. We also suggested creating a corporate video that prominently features the new logo and tagline to further drive home the feeling of confidence and pride that we wanted Malatest to embody. By creating a consistent visual identity across all materials, we helped to strengthen the impact of the rebrand and position Malatest as a modern, reliable, and trustworthy brand.

have confidence
in the process.