Authentic Jamaican Natural Foods

Mr. Natural started as a homemade patty recipe that quickly gained popularity among Orane Rowe's family and friends.

Client Mr. Natural
Project Scope Brand Identity, Brand Vision, Creative Direction, Logo Design, Style Guide, Packaging Design
Year 2019 - 201
Credits Patrick O'Kane - Arkane Creative

How We Nailed It.


Figure Out What Style/Tone of Theme We Want To Use.

We understand the importance of conveying authenticity in our client’s branding strategy. For Mr. Natural, we developed a branding approach that accurately reflects the culture and heritage of Jamaica, ensuring that the look and feel of the brand truly represent the flavors and traditions of home brought to Canada. Vibrant colors inspired by the Jamaican flag and traditional Jamaican art and culture were chosen to evoke the energetic spirit of Jamaica and its unique cultural heritage.

The branding approach for Mr. Natural was carefully crafted to highlight the authentic taste of home that the Jamaican recipe brings to Canada. The use of vibrant colors was a key element of the strategy, aiming to evoke the vibrancy of Jamaica and provide a genuine Jamaican experience. 


Take Theme & Build Out Brand.

We took a considered approach when developing the identity for Mr. Natural. To ensure the brand represented Orane Roe’s approval, we created a custom typeface that resembled his signature. This design choice also added a personal touch to the branding.

We drew inspiration from vintage Jamaican postcards and typography found throughout Jamaica to create a nod to history with a modern twist. We also selected a secondary typeface that had a grounded and earthy feel to align with the values of Mr. Natural. The use of vibrant colours was a deliberate choice to instantly communicate the product’s origin to the target market. Overall, the identity we developed for Mr. Natural was designed to resonate with the audience while staying true to the brand’s authenticity.


All In The Packaging

Our goal for the packaging of Mr. Natural’s products was to create an authentic Jamaican experience at the retail/market level. To achieve this, we used friendly illustrations, vibrant colors, and true-to-heritage presentation. The packaging was carefully crafted to align with Mr. Natural’s values and heritage, while also ensuring that the stand-up pouches were recyclable to reduce environmental impact.

For the All Natural Cold Press Drinks, we wanted to highlight the ingredients and showcase their beautiful, natural colors. By making the ingredients highly visible on the packaging, we aimed to provide consumers with a clear understanding of what was in the drink and what made it unique. The design approach was simple, yet effective, conveying the purity of the ingredients and the natural goodness of the product.

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