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Nanoheal is a company that provides an AI-powered IT support platform for computers, laptops, and smartphones.

Nanoheal’s platform offers a range of features, including remote IT support, automated maintenance and optimization, asset tracking, and reporting. The platform is designed to streamline IT management processes, reduce downtime, and increase productivity.

Their solution is used by a variety of businesses, from small startups to large enterprises, across various industries, including healthcare, education, finance, and government. With a focus on customer satisfaction and innovation, Nanoheal is committed to delivering cutting-edge IT management solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Client Nanoheal Inc.
Project Scope Brand Identity, Brand Vision, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Logo Design, Style Guide, Social Media, UI/UX Design
Year 2022
Credits Chris Miller, Pitch Marketing Inc. Jamie Olszewski, Interdepenence Inc., Patrick O'Kane, Arkane Creative

How We Nailed It.


Research, Plan & Theme.

We understood that to truly differentiate Nanoheal from its competitors, we needed to make it relatable to a wide range of businesses, from small startups to large corporations. While many of our competitors were using illustrations to explain their product’s functions, we took a different approach. We aimed to connect with our audience on a deeper level by showcasing real-world scenarios and using a supportive and relatable tone that everyone could understand, as we believe that everyone has experienced similar problems before.


Pun & Picture Perfect.

To truly stand out in a crowded market, we knew we needed to differentiate ourselves. We recognized that our potential clients often experience a range of negative emotions when dealing with tech issues, from frustration to anxiety. So, we set out to create a tagline that would tap into that emotional connection and resonate with them on a deeper level. After much brainstorming and ideation, we landed on “when I get that feeling…I need digital healing” – a playful yet professional phrase that communicates our brand’s mission to solve their problems. To further support this message, we developed a custom color scheme and complementary imagery that reinforces the idea of healing and positivity. The result is a brand identity that not only stands out, but also connects with our target audience on an emotional level.


Plan Into Action.

Our primary call to action was to encourage businesses to schedule product demonstrations. To achieve this, we developed a series of social media ads and website suggestions that prominently featured the unique value proposition of Nanoheal, including its ability to prevent IT issues before they happen. By highlighting the benefits of our product and emphasizing the importance of preventive measures, we were able to successfully persuade many potential clients to request product demonstrations and ultimately try our product.

What's In The Tagline In Combination With Human Emotion.

To gain traction in the competitive market, Nanoheal needed to showcase its value proposition in a relatable and engaging manner. We understood that getting businesses to try something new requires effective communication that resonates with their pain points. So, we crafted a tagline, "When I get that feeling, I want digital healing," which encapsulated the frustration and urgency business owners feel when faced with computer issues or security breaches.

To support the tagline, we developed a colour scheme and supported imagery that reflected the brand's personality and the target audience's preferences. We created various marketing materials, including social media posts, email campaigns, and promotional videos, that used the tagline and supported imagery to highlight the benefits of Nanoheal's services.

We emphasized the importance of live demonstrations to showcase how Nanoheal's services could help businesses improve their IT infrastructure and prevent potential issues. By providing practical examples and success stories, we instilled trust in potential customers and demonstrated that Nanoheal was the solution they needed to stay ahead of the curve.