Recharge Your Mind.

Introducing Niraxx's groundbreaking on-demand PBM brain stimulation technology, set to launch in April 2024.

Their wearable device uses near-infrared light to optimize brain function, validated through trials for Depression (MDD), ADHD, and ASD. Niraxx’s cloud-based remote neuromodulation platform empowers users and clinicians with actionable intelligence for informed decision-making. Their patented e-textile technology ensures convenient, optimized PBM delivery and seamless patient management.

Client Niraxx, Inc.
Project Scope Brand Identity, Brand Vision, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Logo Design, Style Guide, Powerpoint Design, Business Cards, Website Design
Year 2023 - Present
Credits Chris Miller, Pitch Marketing Inc. Patrick O'Kane, Arkane Creative. Interdependence Inc.

How We Nailed It.


Started With An Idea.

Commencing this project, our priority was to deeply comprehend the essence of the headband product and its accompanying app, designed to aid users coping with mental illness. Given the distinctive and innovative nature of this treatment within the public sphere, our initial focus rested on thoroughly understanding its intricacies. By examining the intricate light technology pattern housed within the head band, we aimed to conceive a distinctive icon that would not only stand out within the industry but also align seamlessly with the brand identity of Niraxx. We then provided key items such as vision, mission, purpose and differentiation points that will help Niraxx stand above the rest of the competition. 


Researching Is Always the Key To A Beautiful Brand.

Through meticulous research and consideration of the light technology aspect, we set out to craft a wordmark that seamlessly merged the medical and technological aspects, resulting in a sleek, modern, and tech-savvy custom design that effectively incorporated the Bayer Sans font, tailored and stylized to tell the narrative of the brand’s connection with the name ‘Niraxx.’ In order to ensure effective communication from the headband to the app, we ingeniously integrated a concealed speech bubble within the ‘A’ of Niraxx, highlighting the importance of seamless interaction. The creation of the icon, a complex process, aimed to convey the essence of light wave brain technology subtly, leveraging the brain’s shape and the transition from node to node, cleverly concealing ‘N’s within the design to symbolize the technological prowess of Niraxx. The resulting mark serves as a comprehensive representation of the advanced technology, adaptable for both independent and collaborative use, as delineated in our detailed brand guidelines.


Let’s Get It Out There.

With the launch of a new product, there often arise initial hurdles in effectively communicating its unique selling points. This involves formulating a comprehensive content strategy and refining key messages to assist healthcare providers in conveying the product’s benefits to their patients. Simultaneously, it aims to attract potential investors or affiliates interested in fostering its reach across a broader market. Recognizing these challenges, the company decided to incorporate their brand strategy, utilizing a diverse array of marketing tools, including app design, website development, and various print media, to bolster brand awareness and establish a robust market presence.

Empowering Minds.
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