Hassle-free diaper changing

The world's first portable baby change tablet that fits into any baby supply bag, giving parents and caregivers access to clean, safe, and efficient baby diaper changes no matter where they go.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, this husband-and-wife duo is using their extensive parenting experience to create innovative products that will make life easier for parents everywhere. Their flagship product, the Ranger Changer, is a game-changer for diaper changes on-the-go. Small enough to fit in a backpack, it’s the ultimate solution for parents who are always on the move and need a quick and easy way to change their little ones.

Client Pack of People Ltd.
Project Scope Brand Identity, Brand Vision,Creative Direction, Logo Design, Style Guide
Year 2022 - Present
Credits Patrick O'Kane, Arkane Creative

How We Nailed It.


New Product Idea.

As any parent knows, changing diapers while out and about can be a real challenge. That’s why Pack of People Ltd designed the Ranger Changer, a compact device that easily fits into a backpack and folds out for quick, hassle-free diaper changes. To fully capture the essence of the brand and product, we at Arkane Creative were tasked with creating two unique and memorable logos that truly embody the spirit of Pack of People and the Ranger Changer.


Flexible, Not Flimsy.

We set out to create an identity that would instill trust and appeal to a broad range of parents, not just outdoor enthusiasts. Our goal was to be creative and establish a credible, long-lasting brand. We accomplished this by designing two distinct wordmark logos that catered to a younger demographic and celebrated the great outdoors. The Ranger Changer logo seamlessly combines the product’s functionality with a hidden mountain skyline, creating a sense of adventure and playfulness. The soft, gender-neutral color palette ensures that both moms and dads will enjoy using the Ranger Changer.


Lets’ Bundle This Baby.

When Pack of People Ltd. approached us to help with their branding, we knew we had to create a design that aligned with their values. We designed pitch presentations, packaging mockups, social media templates/ads, and a website that reflected their commitment to sustainability. The packaging for the Ranger Changer itself was made from 100% post-consumer materials, and we used soy/vegetable-based inks that were created in Canada. With our design expertise, we helped Pack of People Ltd. take their product to the next level and make a positive impact on the environment.

a change table
for the go.