A PAWSitive Online Pet Finder.

PAWSitive PetStarz Inc. is a software as a service (SaaS) and review platform that provides a safe and ethical way for people to source pets.

With their platform, consumers can easily find and connect with reputable pet suppliers without the risk of unethical practices. Unlike other pet platforms, PAWSitive PetStarz Inc.  review system is unbiased and transparent. Pet suppliers are not able to modify their reviews in any way, and there is no way for their affiliation with the platform to influence the review side of the business.

In addition to being a review platform, PAWSitive PetStarz Inc. also offers pet consumers with valuable information and resources, as well as online medical records for their furry friends. At PAWSitive PetStarz Inc., they are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all pets and providing a trustworthy platform for pet lovers everywhere.

Client PAWSitive PetStarz Inc.
Project Scope Brand Identity, Brand Vision, Creative Direction, Logo Design, Style Guide, Social Ads, UI/UX Design
Year 2023 - Present
Credits S.A.I.T Students,
Patrick O'Kane - Arkane Creative,
April Shymko - PAWSitive PetStarz Inc.

How We Nailed It.


Learning Unique Selling Features & Ready, Get Set, Brand.

PAWSitive PetStarz Inc. recognized the importance of a strong online presence when embarking on their mission to provide a safe and ethical platform for pet adoption. With the widespread use of the internet and social media, PAWSitive PetStarz Inc. knew that their success hinged on a well-developed website and active social media accounts. Their goal was to create a platform that would provide a safer and more trustworthy alternative to traditional pet adoption methods, which can often come with uncertainties and ethical concerns.

Through thorough research, PAWSitive PetStarz Inc. identified that a significant portion of people searching for pets do so online. As a result, they focused their efforts on creating a comprehensive online platform that would allow users to search for pets in a safe and transparent way. By leveraging the power of technology and the internet, PAWSitive PetStarz Inc. is leading the way in changing the way people adopt pets and ensuring a more positive experience for both pets and their new owners.


Purrfect Branding.

To ensure PAWSitive PetStarz Inc.  logo was versatile and effective online, the design team prioritized clarity and scalability. The final logo is both playful and professional, featuring a custom typeface with a clever use of figure-ground to represent various types of animals. This design reflects PAWSitive PetStarz Inc. commitment to finding homes for all pets, not just traditional cats and dogs.

The colour scheme was also thoughtfully chosen to be gender-neutral and appealing to a wide audience. PAWSitive PetStarz Inc. understands that pets are beloved by people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds, and their logo reflects this inclusivity. The result is a logo that is not only eye-catching and memorable but also reinforces PAWSitive PetStarz Inc. mission to make pet adoption a positive and accessible experience for everyone.


Taking It Online.

Our team was given the responsibility to establish the design direction for various promotional materials, including t-shirts, social media, and the website’s UI/UX. To accomplish this, we gathered information and insights from PAWSitive PetStarz Inc. to develop multiple ideas that could create an interactive, fun, and functional website. Our main goal was to ensure visitors would have an enjoyable and engaging experience while navigating the site.

Through our research and collaboration with PAWSitive PetStarz Inc., we created a well-planned design that accurately captured the brand’s personality and values. We considered various elements such as colour schemes, typography, and graphic design to ensure that everything worked together seamlessly. Our team is proud of the result – a website that not only looks great but also provides an easy-to-use platform for potential pet owners to find and adopt the perfect pet for their family.

Fur-Ever Homes Made Easy.