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Valley Landscape is a leader in the landscaping industry, offering top-notch services for residential and commercial projects since 2005.

With their team of experts and the latest equipment, they deliver high-quality work on time, while minimizing their impact on the environment through sustainable practices. Their attention to detail and ability to bring any landscaping project to life has earned a reputation for excellence.

Client Valley Landscape Inc.
Project Scope Brand Identity, Promotional Items, Website Design
Year 2023

How We Nailed It.


Looking Around The Market.

When embarking upon the development of a website, it is essential to establish a strategic direction that effectively highlights the remarkable array of services offered by Valley Landscape to both residential and commercial clients. Upon careful observation, we noted a prevalent trend in the local market where websites predominantly featured textual content without accompanying visual representations to showcase the extensive body of work accomplished for their clientele. Recognizing the need for a paradigm shift, our aim was to provide enhanced transparency by incorporating relevant imagery that effectively communicates the range of services rendered. Moreover, we endeavoured to maintain a simplistic approach to the design, ensuring a streamlined user experience. Our analysis of competing websites revealed prevalent issues such as broken links, incongruent visuals that failed to align with the associated textual content, and a lack of clear calls to action.


Design & Enhance Brand

Our primary objective was to preserve the iconic Valley Landscape mark and amplify its impact in order to enhance brand recognition. It was of utmost significance to develop a website that not only conveyed the narrative of Valley Landscape but also effectively elucidated its capabilities through concise content sections accompanied by relevant imagery. The color palette chosen for the website reflects earthy tones, striking a delicate balance between creativity and professionalism.


Launch & Be Proud.

Following the launch of the website, it became imperative to proactively disseminate its presence. To achieve this, we strategically leveraged platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, targeting the specific market segment where our audience resides. Employing a systematic approach, we showcased the diverse range of services rendered to numerous satisfied clients, thereby establishing a compelling demonstration of our capabilities and providing valuable insights into the potential solutions we could offer them.

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