This Canadian owned cannabis company called Kaáñamo, sells hemp seed, hemp and CBD oil and other product to a South American market. It was important to Kaáñamo look professional in the younger market, but to show the receptacle and rooted nature in which nature provides.


The Brand

Kaanamo is bringing South America’s long tradition of hand-crafted, select batch cannabis/seed to people who want safe, clean and rooted cannabis. Arkane Creative worked with Kaanamo to position the brand to be sophisticated but tell a story about the process while standing confidently in a new market and pushing for more in the future.

Mockups Design

The Approach

Every element of the brand identity was created to form a balanced visual ecosystem. Using the simplicity of the font used in concert with the process to make the hemp seed/oil, it is the shape of the logo with the tagline “Volver all Origen” meaning “Back to the Origin” that brings everything together with clarity. This visual texture of darker rooted greens, visuals of farm land and leaves were there to support the logo. Arkane Creative provided various stationery with these visuals as well as labels for the oil itself.

Mockups Design

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