Malatest provides customized research solutions to meet many diverse needs of a range of clients. From in-depth program evaluations to client satisfaction studies, they will design and implement a project to get results. When Malatest decided to update their brand, Arkane Creative took to task in developing an identity system that was an authentic expression of their professionalism and expertise.


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Victoria, B.C Canada


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+ Brand Identity System
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+ Environmental Space Design

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The Brand

Visually, the new branding had to work for various platforms and the icon could be taken away from the name for various social media applications. The M created works creates various talking points and some hidden meanings. The M for Malatest is a obvious, but one of the elements they wanted was a puzzle/data as their clients usually come with a bunch of requests and need data to make effective information to grow their company. So showing the one colour piece thats different then the other was to show how Malatest are the missing piece. Also, a key word for Malatest is the word “Insight”, so we created a I like separation from the M icon with colour. The colour palettes were selected for their strong connection to water as the main office is in Victoria B.C. and also to reflect a professional tone and the green for growth and the bright shade for standing out from the competition. The font used is a perfect compliment to icon and is uppercase to create a strong impression.


Other Brand Options:


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