Mr. Natural

After experiencing so many requests from his family and friends, Orane Rowe has taken a hobby and started to make a business out of his own home. These homemade patties are from an authentic recipe that brings the taste of home to Canada.


The Brand

The mark was inspired by Orane Rowe’s heritage from Jamaica . The colours are themed in the Jamaican flag colours to convey authenticity, home and awareness. The main type was to feel if it was a signature from Orane as quality is important to him. Looking at vintage Jamaican postcards and type from Jamaica, we created a nod to history with a modern twist. We created various ways of presenting Mr. Natural to the public, but subtly depending on application and tone. The secondary type was created with a more rooted/earthy base which was important to Orane. 



The goal for the packaging for Mr.Natural was to inject the feel of being in Jamaica into the products seen at the retail/market level. To achieve this while staying true to Mr. Natural’s heritage the illustrations, colours and presentation of the Jamaican Patties was key to bringing home these delicious patties. We used recyclable standup pouches vs the typical cardboard box to help preserve the patties and could be stacked up on a frozen shelf or placed down. 


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