Pierogerie Polish Foods

Pierogerie Polish Foods is Edmonton’s organic and authentic pierogi maker. There are no preservatives, trans fats or artificial ingredients are used. The company’s family tradition of making and serving premium quality and authentic pierogi began in 1995 in a small Polish restaurant in Windsor, Ontario.


The Brand

The mark and theme was inspired by Agnes Kulinski’s Polish heritage. Using the best ingredients from local farmers who do not rely on chemicals. The result is fresh, natural and healthy pierogi that you can feel good giving to your family. It was important to come across as a rooted but classic brand that is able to fit nicely with the authentic polish patterns found on the standup pouch bags. Keeping it black and white for the logo colours, was also used to make sure it set the tone of a classic and timeless company.



To bring fourth a professional and classic tone it was put upon Arkane Creative to look into historic patterns. Arkane Creative found old known Polish patterns, illustrated and used them on each flavour of pierogies. The colours used where indicators for their clients to know the difference of flavours and the pattern helped bring it all together. One of the most important part of the packaging design was to show the pierogies themselves, because they are created differently then traditional ones. We created a faded window to tapper into the design but still show clients what they look like. Pierogerie Polish Foods is a part of local markets and many known food delivering websites and stores.


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